Location-aware Macbook Settings • Andrew J. Freyer


Bug Report/Future Feature...

I'm going to have to come up with a way to ask which of several locations could be if there is significant overlap.

Right now, if more than 50% of scanned access points are recognized, then the location is considered "known"

However, if there are two locations that account for more than 50% of nearby access points, the AL's guessing becomes less accurate. This happens when two different locations are next to one another, separated by only a couple dozen feet or less.

For instance, in a Library, there may only be 60 access points. Lets say floor 1 can see 40 of those, and floor two can see 45 of them. There are certain places in that library where a scan reveals 30 access points, 16 of which are known to be on the 1st floor, 16 of which are known to be on the 2nd floor. 50% percent chance at guessing isn't good enough.

So, a dialog box needs to pop up with the two most likely choices.


  1. Or perhaps additional confirmation can be provided by other methods, such as wifi location (which allows for differing strengths of multiple access points to triangulate more accurately), available printers and other peripherals, bluetooth devices, other machines in range, power source, etc.

    Some of these could correctly auto-select without bothering the user, which is the core function of the application.

  2. I recently added ethernet too, but I do like the idea of adding more sources to determine the physical location.