Location-aware Macbook Settings • Andrew J. Freyer


Action List

Change iChat Status and Message (can include the location name AND group name in the message too!)

Shell Script

Apple Script

Automator Action

Opened Applications

Bluetooth Power


Desktop Background

Mounted Local Hard Drives

Unmounted Local Hard Drives

Dock Auto-hiding state

Safari Homepage (requires a re-start of Safari)

OS X Network Location

Mail.app SMTP Server

Default Printer

Connected Servers

Share/Bonjour Name

Spaces Enabled

Number and Dimension of Spaces

Time Zone

System Volume


  1. I love this tool, but I have an Applescript I want it to run whenever I join the group "Work".

    I have added the Applescript to the Snapshot (the .scpt file), but it does not run the scpt.

    Any help would be apprecitated

  2. Hmmm... that's odd. I'll look into it right away.

  3. Ok, it's quite possible that your script has "user interaction" (e.g. dialog boxes, etc.).

    There is a bug in my current implementation that prevents these from running. A fix is forthcoming...

  4. Here is my script. It runs just fine when I just click it. I also tried running it as a workflow, that still doesn't work either.

    The Name of the script is: "AS_Start VPN, Turn on Lock".

    Thanks for the help.

    tell application "/Users/.../Documents/Applescripts/Start Lock.app"
    end tell
    end try

    tell application "/Users/.../Documents/Applescripts/Start VPN.app"
    end tell
    end try

  5. A fix appears in 0.5071; try that version and let me know how it goes.

    Currently the program will wait to complete the snapshot until the script returns, I am working on a fix for that.

  6. Thanks for the amazing turn-around time. Worked like a charm. Not sure why.. but oh well, it works.

    Thanks again - Great Product!!!

  7. Glad to hear that it worked! An update that fixes the "wait" time necessary will be forthcoming.