Location-aware Macbook Settings • Andrew J. Freyer


Future Feature... Default Snapshot for Unnamed Location

Set a default profile on wake if there is a location that needs to be named.

Added in 0.5085


  1. I think an iphone app would be FABULOUS, but highly doubt that apple would allow it. but, this is just what the iphone needs. Like the app here though, will give it a try

  2. A default Snapshot would indeed be very, very handy. I'm travelling a lot by train, where there is no actual location to bind a snapshot to, though I'd like to automagically set the settings for volume and screensaver password.
    BTW: Very good work so far, Thumbs up :-)

  3. The default group snapshot will be applied automatically in the most recent version if location is set to "automatic" and the location isn't recognized!

    Just make sure to set a default group!

  4. The problem I have with "Default" location, is that if I am at work, and I change to the other side of the building, it asks for a new name, and then switches me to my default location which is "home" which has all automatic DNS entries and such. Is there a better way for me to be using this?